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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Below are descriptions of key job positions needed for parents at each meet:

Certified Referee: The Certified Referee is the final arbiter of all decisions and questions during the conduct of the meet. MCSL training is needed for this job.

Certified Starter: The Certified Starter gives starting signal for each race. MCSL training is needed for this job.

Certified S&T Judge: The Certified Judge determines whether the swimmers perform their strokes, turns and finishes in accordance with the prescribed rules. MCSL training is needed for this job.

Announcer: The Announcer should be aware of each event as it is swum. He/She can begin announcing the next event shortly after the last swimmer in the previous event has touched the wall.

Clerk of Course: The Clerk works with the announcer to control the flow of swimmers to the clerk's table. At each meet there is usually a Clerk of Course (home) and an Assistant Clerk (visiting team). Each Clerk can check in the swimmers from their own team, tell them their lanes and have them wait in the designated area until it is time for them to go to the starting area.

Liners (or Clerk of Course Assistants):  Help the younger children get to their lanes.

Head Timer: Time each event and generally time the winner except when needed for another lane.

Timers:  Time the swimmers in the assigned lane.

Relief Timers: Back up and relief timers.

Runners: Runners take the time sheet from the head timer to the scorer.

Computer Operator: The Computer Operator types the times into the computer and operates the program during the meet, making the data changes to reflect the scratch meeting.

Scorer: Scorer receives the time sheets from the runner and puts them in lane order, staples any DQ (disqualified) card to the appropriate sheet (making sure the DQ has been signed by the referee), and double checks the official time, circling it if it is not already circled.

Verifiers: Read the times to the computer operator and check the results from the computer after each event against the timer sheets to be sure the times were entered accurately.

Ribbon Writers: Check the winning time to see if it is a team or pool record, affix the ribbon labels to the ribbons, divide the ribbons by team for coaches to pick up.

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