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Q: How do I register for the Bethesda Swim team? 

A:  Just click on the "Register Now" button at the right and follow the 2 steps outlined there.

Q: What are the age and swim requirements to join the team?
A: We have no "pre-team" so we require that each swimmer be able to comfortably swim one length of the pool without stopping. There is no minimum age restriction, but it is recommended that the swimmer be at least five or six years of age and very comfortable in the water.

Q: When are practices?
A: Practices are held at the Bethesda Outdoor Pool in the afternoons/early evenings when school is still in session. When school is out of session, we move to morning practices 5 days a week and evening practices 3 days a week. The practice schedule is listed on our website.

Q: Is there a required amount of practices to attend?
A: No, there is no requirement. However, swimmers will improve with the amount of practices they can attend.

Q: Is there a team participation requirement?
A: If you would like to be eligible to swim in the Saturday A meet, you must attend and participate in at least one team event during the week preceding the A meet in question.  This requirement may be satisfied by any one of the following:

- swimming at any practice

- for 13 & overs, helping out at a practice for a younger age group

- swimming the B Meet (or volunteering / coming to cheer at the B meet)

- attending a team social

- completing work that qualifies for SSL hours.

** Please note that attending the previous A meet does not satisfy the requirement. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis only if you notify coaches in advance.

Q: When and where are the meets?
A: The meets are held (i) every Wednesday evening at 6PM (these are known as "B" meets) and (ii) if your child qualifies, every Saturday morning at 9AM (known as "A" meets). Half of the A and B meets are held at the Bethesda Pool and the other half are held at other pools throughout the County.

Q: Which events can I swim at B Meets
A: Each swimmer must sign up on-line for the B Meet before 5 pm on the Monday before the meet.

- You can only sign up for three events and the individual medley (IM)

- You cannot sign up for events swum in the prior A Meet

- Swimmers under 11 must have permission from a coach to swim the 100 IM, breastroke or butterfly (ask a coach if your child is legal).

Q: Who can swim at A meets?

A: For each age group, the top 3 swimmers each week in backstroke, breastroke, butterfly & the IM (and the top 6 swimmers each week in freestyle) are invited to swim at that week's A meet.  Each swimmer must sign up on-line for the A Meet before 10pm on the Wednesday before the A meet.

Q: Is parent involvement required?
A: Yes, parent involvement is absolutely required. It takes over 30 parents to run a dual swim meet. Parents are expected to volunteer at a minimum of 4 events. The jobs are easy and we provide on the job training. Please sign up for the meets your child swims in.

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