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How to Register for a Swim Meet

    • Sign on to your account. If you can’t remember your password, click Unable to login to reset your password.
    • Go to Home page and select Meets & Events tab.
    • Scroll down to the meet for which you want to sign-up
    • Click the Job Sign-up link and sign up for volunteer shifts (note one parent may sign in both parents to save time of registering, scroll down and you’ll see the other parent listed). If you know you and your spouse will not be at this meet, skip this step.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: When you registered, you chose a "committee" in which to work, so the jobs you can sign up for are within that chosen committee.  

    1. Click Save Assignments.
    2. Click Back to Swim Meets.
    3. Click Swimmer Sign-up and then click Edit Entries.
    4. For each of your swimmers, select an option from the drop down menu. The menu reads:
      • Attending this meet and available for any relays
      • Attending this meet but cannot attend early relays
      • Attending this meet but cannot attend late relays
      • Attending this meet but cannot attend any relays
      • Will not be attending this meet

    NOTE: Selecting the correct option is very important. While the computer selects relays based on prior recorded performance, the coach often changes relay positions.

    1. If your coach allows event selection, select the events that your swimmer would like to swim. If a prompt comes up that asks if you have received coach’s approval, make sure you get Coach's approval on deck or via email.
    2. Click Save Entries to record your choices.
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