Meet 5A Meet Program Against Darnestown

Good Evening Barracudas,

We look forward to our 5th "A" Meet of the season against Darnestown (DT) at Darnestown Pool on Saturday, July 15, 2023. Please be at the pool by 7:30am.  See below for important details.

The deadline to sign your swimmer up is WEDNESDAY JULY 12, 2023 at 9 P.M. Please go to www.bebarracudas.org/swim_ meets to sign up. Swimmers will not be able to swim on Saturday if they are not signed up by the deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is swimming? Coach Malka will send out a lineup of who qualifies to swim this Saturday. Swimming at A meets is highly prized, so if you confirmed but later find that you (your swimmer) can’t attend, please notify Coach Malka ((240) 461-1768 or [email protected]) immediately so that we can give another swimmer the opportunity to swim at the meet. If your child wants to swim in this meet, please sign up even if you believe they may not qualify. Qualified swimmers may be sick, on vacation or at another event and your child could be selected so please sign up. 

Location: Darnestown Pool: 15004 Spring Meadows Dr, Darnestown, MD 20874. Driving directions

Important Times

  • DT Warm-up: 7:45am - 8:15am
  • BE Warm-up: 8:20am - 8:50am
  • Officials' Meeting: 8:15am
  • Timer Meeting: 8:30am
  • Scratch Meeting: 8:45am
  • Meet Start Time: 9:00am

Volunteers: If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for a job to help us run Saturday’s meet. To sign up:

  • Click on "Meets & Events" tab
  • Scroll down to "July 15"
  • Click on the "Job Sign-Up" button
  • Choose a job to perform

What to bring to the meet: See here

Programs: We will email programs to you Friday night. We will have programs at the meet to give to officials & reps but not for others, so please print out a hard copy of the program if you want one at the meet. 

We look forward to seeing you Saturday. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Malka or any Team Rep.

Go Barracudas!

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