2020 Bethesda Barracuda’s Summer Swim

Hello Barracuda Families:

We hope everyone’s year is off to a great start. Believe it or not, we are about 5 months away from the 2020 Bethesda Barracuda’s Summer Swim Season!

As you all hopefully are aware, the Bethesda Swim Team is 100% driven by parent volunteers. Not only do we need parent volunteers at the meets in the summer, we need parents for leadership and management positions as we several openings this year.

The following are positions that need to be filled:

Co - Team Representatives:

  • A Representative (Jim Hallmark + 2 A co-rep’s): Coordinates all swim team activities/meetings, represents BE at MCSL meetings, hires coaches, attends division meetings, assures that all volunteer jobs are filled
  • B Representative: (Jennifer Parks + 1-2 need co-reps) represents team in “B” league, sets B Meet schedule, coordinates volunteers for home and away meets, sets up and home meets, assigns timers to lanes and assures adequate supplies for home meets.

Other Team Positions

  • Banquet Coordinator: Secures venue for the Banquet, selects the food, decorations and entertainment, develops banquet program in conjunction with Team Rep’s and volunteers
  • Officials Coordinator: Assures that MCSL officials positions that require certification are filled for the team with proactively plans for the season, and at year’s end future officials are recruited and reminded of required training.
  • Meet Automation Coordinators: Assist coach in maintaining team computer and software, produces meet programs and line timer sheets for home meets; produces entries for away B meets, coordinates volunteers for automation table during all meets. Need a coordinator for A Meets and B Meets as well as a few alternate coordinators.
  • Concessions Coordinator: coordinates volunteers and sign-ups for home meets and time trials, coordinates items for sale, establishes price lists and menu items, monitors inventory and ensures all required items are purchased/donated for each meet and concession area is appropriately staffed during meets.


  • Photographers: Takes annual team picture, takes candid’s during meets and facilitates posting of photo to website
  • Relay Carnival Coordinator: coordinates our annual Relay Carnivals including communications with invited pools, determines themes, meet management, ribbons and coordinates all activities of the involved committees: decorations, concessions, officials, etc.
  • Student Service Hour Coordinator: gathers and verifies student service hours and prepares student service-learning hours documentation

We also need more certified individuals for A & B Meets:


  • Stroke & Turn Judge: The Certified Judge determines whether the swimmers perform their strokes, turns and finishes in accordance with the prescribed rules.
  • Starter: The Certified Starter gives starting signal for each race.
  • Referee: The Certified Referee is the final arbiter of all decisions and questions during the conduct of the meet.

The Barracudas are one of the largest teams in the county with well over 200 swimmers. It takes a team of parents to make it run so, please consider volunteering. Please reach out to Jennifer Parks and or Jim Hallmark to volunteer.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Looking forward to summer!

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