Deadline to sign up your swimmer for Wednesday, July 18th meet @Potomac Glen

Hello Barracuda Families,

Important Info: Last B Meet, 7-18, 5PM @ Potomac Glen


13651 Hayworth Drive, Potomac, MD 20854

Please sign up your swimmer. Note that if your child swam on Saturday @Tallyho, he/she cannot swim that same stroke this Wednesday. Please pay attention to this rule! Deadline for signing up is

Monday, July 16th at 9PM.  

Potomac Glen will kick off the meet with a 6 years old & under kickboard fun race. If your young child would like to participate, please email me ([email protected]) their name, gender and age tonight by 9PM so that we can get them in the fun race lineup.

Many thanks to Bethesda families who have already signed up to help at Potomac Glen meet! However, volunteers are still needed for this meet to fill the following key roles. For those who haven't volunteered this season, now is your chance to rack up some volunteer points! 

-starter: gives starting signal for each race -scorer: receives the time sheets from the runner and puts them in lane order, staples any DQ (disqualified) card to the appropriate sheet (making sure the DQ has been signed by the referee), and double checks the official time, circling it if it is not already circled. 

-stroke & turn judge: Judge determines whether the swimmers perform their strokes, turns and finishes in accordance with the prescribed rules 

-verifier: Read the times to the computer operator and check the results from the computer after each event against the timer sheets to be sure the times were entered accurately. 

- and two more timers for second half session.

To sign up:
Go to
Click on "Meets & Events" tab
Scroll down to "Wedneday,

Home - Bethesda Barracudas

Parking and Drop Off: The parking lots closest to the pool and townhouses are not to be utilized. Please park along Cavanaugh Drive or Deerbrooke Road. Parking on Deerbrooke is only available on the side closest to the tennis courts and pool.Feel free to drop off your swimmer at the pool clubhouse before you park on the street.

Team Area: Bethesda’s team area is on the Cavanaugh Drive side of the pool. This is the far end of the pool (with respect to the life guard office) in the grassy area. There is a modest amount of shade, so may want to bring sunshades

Please be at the pool by 5PM. When you arrive, girls check in with Coaches Colleen or Oana, boys with Coaches Christian or John.

Bethesda Warm Up: 5:25pm – 5:50pm
Officials' Meeting: 5:30pm
Timer Meeting: 5:40pm
Meet Start Time: 6:00pm
Due to Potomac Glen HOA rules, pool closes: 9:00pm

Theme: WIld, Wild, West

Food: Potomac Glen concession stand will be open and families can purchase snacks or drinks.

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday, July 18. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Malka or one of us.


Chi & Jennifer

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