Final B Meet at Potomac Glen

Hi Barracudas

Remember to sign up to swim and volunteer for Wednesday's B meet at Potomac Glen. Potomac Glen will not allow deck entries so please make sure to get your swimmers signed up. 

Here's all the information for the upcoming meet. 

Address – The pool is located at 13651 Hayworth Drive, Potomac. Feel free to have the swimmers dropped off at the club house before the parent’s park on the street.


Potomac Glen Gators warmups: 5:00-5:20pm

Bethesda Barracudas warmups at 5:20-5:40pm

Officials' meeting at 5:30pm at the far end of the baby pool

Timers meeting at 5:40pm at the near end of baby pool

National Anthem at 5:55pm

Meet starts at 6pm

Parking – Unfortunately, the parking lots closest to the pool and townhouses are not to be used. We ask that all cars park along Cavanaugh Drive or Deerbrook Drive. Parking on Deerbrook is available on the side closest to the tennis courts and pool.

Team Area - Bethesda team area is on the Cavanaugh Drive side of the pool. This is the far end of the pool (with respect to the lifeguard office) in the grassy area. We will be starting from the end of the pool near your team area. There is a modest amount of shade, but you may want to bring your tents.

Concessions – We will be selling concessions during the meet. We will also be providing individually packaged snacks and drinks for volunteers and officials at half time.

Let us know if you have any questions. 

Thank you!

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