Important Info: Individual All Star Meet on Sunday @ 7am @ Rockville

Hi all,

The MCSL Individual All Star Meet will be held at the Rockville Swim and Fitness Center (355 Martins Ln, Rockville, MD 20850) on Sunday, July 28 @ 7am.

Meet Line-up.  Here is the psych sheet for the meet. MCSL's top 16 swimmers in each event swim in the meet; those seeded 17-19 are alternates and will swim only if one or more of the top 16 swimmers scratch.  If your swimmer can't swim on Sunday, please notify Coach Malka immediately at (240) 461-1768 or [email protected] so that an alternate swimmer can swim at this fun meet.

Congratulations to the following Barracudas for qualifying to swim in this all-league meet:

  • Shane Birungi:  11-12 Free (seeded 13th); 11-12 Breast (seeded 9th)
  • Devin Brindle:  13-14 Free (seeded 15th); 13-14 IM (seeded 15th)
  • Mai Lan Bui:  8&U Fly (seeded 17th - alternate)
  • Anika Cai:  9-10 Back (seeded 6th); 9-10 Fly (seeded 5th)
  • Callie Deng: 9-10 Free (seeded 11th); 9-10 Breast (seeded 13th)
  • Krissy Fleck:  12&U IM (seeded 9th); 11-12 Back (seeded 12th)
  • Eve Hastings:  13-14 Back (seeded 12th)
  • Kris Lawson: 13-14 Back (seeded 1st); 13-14 Fly (seeded 1st)
  • David Lin: 9-10 Back (seeded 18th - alternate)
  • Javier Llano-Cruz: 13-14 Fly (seeded 10th)
  • Emilia Lopez Murphy:  8&U Fly (seeded 13th)
  • Shar Mizui:  13-14 IM (seeded 13th); 13-14 Free (seeded 9th)
  • Kirabo Namutebi:  13-14 Free (seeded 2nd); 13-14 Breast (seeded 4th)
  • John Nguyen:  15-18 Free (seeded 17th - alt); 15-18 Breast (seeded 18th - alt)
  • Emiliano Olivo Cauberghs (seeded 17th - alternate)
  • Rafael Sine: 13-14 Fly (seeded 17th - alternate)
  • Jordan Ssamula:  9-10 Free (seeded 4th); 9-10 Fly (seeded 3rd)
  • Elton Wang:  13-14 Breast (seeded 15th)
  • Roy Yang:  12&U IM  (seeded 14th); 11-12 Breat (seeded 3rd)

Important Times.  The warm-up schedule is as follows:

  • 7:00 thru 7:20am: 12 & Under
  • 7:20 thru 7:40am: 13 & Over
  • 7:40 thru 7:50am: All Ages - Late Warm-up
  • 8am:  Meet Starts

Parents, please help Malka (& other coaches) to carry the 2 tents from her car and set them up in a suitable spot on the grassy area behind the starter (and then after the races, break the tents down and carry them to Malka's car).

Swim fast and have fun on Sunday. And enjoy the rest of your summer.

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