Coaches Long Course Meet Tonight

Coaches Long Course Qualifiers,

Here is the meet program for tonight's Coaches Long Course Meet at Rockville Swim & Fitness Center. Below are the Barracudas who are i) seeded in the top 8 (and thus swim in the meet), and ii) seeded 9 or 10 (and thus are alternates in case on the top 8 swimmers doesn't swim).  

1. Top 8 seeds who are in the meet

  • Anica Cai (Fly - 7th seed)
  • Krissy Fleck (IM - 8th seed)
  • Kris Lawson (Back - 1st seed; Fly - 1st seed)
  • Kirabo Namutebi (Free - 6th seed; Breast - 3rd seed)
  • Jordan Ssamula (Breast - 2nd seed; Fly - 5th seed)
  • Victoria Svensson (Back - 8th seed)
  • Roy Yang (Breast - 7th seed)

2. Alternates who might swim in the meet (these swimmers should go to the meet & wait by the starter right before their race to see if any of the top 8 swimmers don't swim. If a top 8 swimmer doesn't show, an alternate will quickly take the missing swimmer's place. Yes, it happens - swimmers often don't show up).

  • Mai Lan Bui (Fly - 10th seed)
  • Anika Cai (Back - 10th seed)
  • Callie Deng (Free - 9th seed)
  • Krissy Fleck (Back - 10th seed)
  • Javier Llano-Cruz (Fly - 9th seed)

The Rockville swim center will open @ 4:30pm, and the meet will begin at 6:00 pm. The warm-up schedule is listed below:

  • 8 & Under: 5:00 - 5:10pm
  • 9 – 12: 5:10 - 5:30pm
  • 13-18: 5:30 - 5:50pm

Parents going to the meet should take 2-3 tents to erect in the grassy area behind the starter / automation officials to shelter kids during the meet (it'll be HOT)! Look for Coach Malka + the assistant coaches.

Good luck - swim fast and have fun! 

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