SSL Forms


We want to thank all Barracuda families who contributed their time and energy to make the 2018 season a success -- from setting and cleaning up, automating, gathering swimmers for their races, selling treats, serving as stroke & turn judge, officiating meets and everything else needed to make swim meets run! 

We have had many inquiries regarding SSL hours. For our young volunteers who have helped out, please fill out this MCSL SSL form (i.e., include a description of what you did during this swim season, MCSL's Federal Employer Identification Number (52-1175369), Bethesda Outdoor Pool's address (6300 Little Falls Parkway, Bethesda, MD 20816)) -- and submit it to one of the undersigned to sign. Please jot your mailing address and email on the back so that it can be returned to you.


Malka Ostchega, Chi Nguyen, Jim Hallmark, Kelli Lawson and Jennifer Parks 

Bethesda Barracuda Parent Reps

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